Walmart’s new line of skin care products features the controversial Gopure

The Walmart brand has come under fire for using the controversial brand name, Curologys, for its products.

The retailer says that the CuroLogys brand is a registered trademark of Curolum, the company that makes Curolux and Curocare products.

Walmart did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Walmart’s statement about the name Curoscope says, “We are proud to be the first U.S. retailer to bring its brand to life in a color-based skin care product.”

The company said it’s introducing Curocos, a “skin care brand with a new look and feel” that will be available exclusively at Walmart.

Walmart says the brand “is based on a scientific and proven formula developed by Curollum and Curec to help improve skin’s natural color and feel.

Walmart is also the first to offer CuroCos in two flavors, the Color Curo and Color Cura.

Walmart also plans to introduce a third product line, Cura, which is a collection of products inspired by the natural color of our skin.”

Curoclists have said that the name and its connection to Curolam, a brand of the same name, is misleading.

“This is not a Curo-lum brand,” said Marcia Kiefer, a professor of integrative medicine at the University of Michigan.

“The word Curo is a synonym for CuroLum.

Curo, C-lump, and C-lot are all very close to the word Cura.”

The CuroClothes brand, based on the company’s CuroLink line of facial masks, was also criticized for using a brand name with a negative connotation.

“When you see something with a bad name, you tend to think it’s really bad,” Kiefor said.

The new skin care line, which has been in development for months, comes as Walmart’s sales have been in decline.

Its latest quarter was the worst in years.

The company’s sales were down 6 percent, and its profit fell 11 percent.

Its stock dropped to $42.84 on Thursday.

Walmart has also struggled with its supply chain, which accounts for a large part of its revenue.

The chain has been accused of dumping products that are underperforming, or even making mistakes in the process.

In a recent letter to shareholders, the chief financial officer of the company acknowledged that the company had been “unable to deliver on promised delivery times and promised inventory levels to customers,” citing “significant inventory mismanagement and other issues” that were “creating problems for our company and our customers.”

Walmart has previously been criticized for not paying its employees enough to make ends meet.

A Walmart spokeswoman told Business Insider in a statement that the new line “will provide us with the opportunity to create better working conditions for our associates and create more opportunity for them.”


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