What you need to know about the best skin care brands in 2020

The biggest names in the cosmetic world are gearing up to launch new skin care lines and cosmetics, with the brands vying for shoppers’ attention this year.

Glossier, for instance, is looking to add its brand to the 2018 makeup line with an assortment of products to highlight its natural-looking and natural-sounding ingredients.

Its new cosmetics range will include products that are supposed to “contain zero artificial ingredients, such as parabens, benzoyl peroxide, phthalates and petrolatum,” according to the brand.

The new line will be available for sale online beginning Jan. 21.

Glossier is hoping to compete with Sephora, Sephartas Beauty & Makeup, Revlon, L’Oreal, Urban Decay, Marc Jacobs, Dior, Chanel and Marcie Jagger, according to The Hill.

The company’s first-ever beauty line, which launched last year, featured skincare products ranging from a skin moisturizer to a skincamp moisturizer.

Glossier has since expanded into skin care.

Glossier has partnered with the beauty brand Sephayment to launch its first line of beauty products, including an eye serum, a lip product and a skin conditioner.

Sephment has also partnered with Glossier to release a skin care line that contains the company’s natural-inspired products.

Sephaymentation has also released its first beauty line for men.

The product, which has yet to be released, will contain natural-derived ingredients and promises to deliver a “fresh, natural-tasting, healthy and nourishing glow.”

Glossier’s beauty line also includes a new serum that promises to provide “a powerful, moisturizing and moisturizing boost for your skin.”

Sephynd, another beauty brand, also recently launched a skinceutical range that includes a serum, cream, lip cream, mascara, eyeshadow and concealer.

Sephynda, a brand that recently signed a deal with L’Oréal to launch an all-natural cosmetics line, has also launched a new skinceutic line that includes an anti-aging serum, serum, eye serum and mascara.

Sephora recently partnered with Cosmetics Republic to launch a line of cosmetics that is supposed to offer “natural, natural, natural and natural.”

The CosmeticsRepublic-owned brand is aiming to appeal to the millennial market with products that promise to offer an “authentic beauty experience” by creating “an unisex line that will appeal to all ages.”

Glossy Beauty has a similar mission with its new beauty line.

The brand’s new cosmetics will include a “natural-looking skin-care base that is enriched with natural ingredients, including vitamins A, C and E, antioxidants, peptides, peptidyls, amino acids and minerals,” according an announcement on the company website.

The cosmetics will be offered for sale in stores, online and through a subscription service.

Gluten-free-friendly brands like Skinnygirl and L’Occitane are also hoping to hit the beauty-focused market with their line of makeup, which will include “natural and natural products for skin that are free of gluten,” according a release from Skinny Girl.

The cosmetics will “deliver a flawless complexion and a glow that is truly flawless.” 

Skinny Girl launched its own line of natural and organic beauty products in 2017.


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