Trump’s ‘Skin Care Rules’ Will Make You Look Younger, More Intelligent, and More Beautiful

President Donald Trump’s new rule to make it harder for people to get wrinkles on their faces will likely spark the best-looking, most educated, and most beautiful people in the world.

But, in a new study, people who don’t have the same skin care rules that Trump is promoting will actually look worse off than people who do.

For example, those who follow Trump’s skin care guidelines will actually suffer from more skin imperfections. For more: “The study, conducted by researchers at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston and published in the American Journal of Public Health, found that, compared to people who were followed by people who followed the recommendations of Trump, people with more skin care requirements experienced lower levels of collagen production, skin thickness, and overall appearance, the researchers wrote.

The researchers also found that those with more lax skin care habits tended to have more skin flaws, including scars, freckles, and imperfections.”

[Reuters] The beauty rules don’t make skin look better, they make you look worse The beauty rules are a joke.

They are designed to make skin appear brighter and more youthful, the authors of the study said.

They do not, in fact, make skin any more attractive, healthy, or beautiful.

Instead, they actually make you appear worse off because they do not correct skin imperfection or even reduce the appearance of the skin imperfectity they are supposed to correct.

[Washington Post] You should follow the beauty rules.

This is just a bad idea.

This is just stupid.

[ABC News] This rule has nothing to do with wrinkles.

It’s a bad rule that will hurt people with skin imperfectities who are suffering from skin cancer.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much skin I have in my face right now.

Trump wants you to be ‘more attractive’ by being ‘better looking’ I don’t know how much more attractive I would be if I didn’t have skin problems.

People who are going to look worse than they are are people who are following a bad skin care rule.

It is a rule designed to hurt people who have skin imperfectness.

It doesn’t actually fix the underlying problems.

It just makes them look worse.

The only people who should be using it are people with normal skin.

The only people that should be avoiding using it is people with unhealthy skin.

It does nothing for the skin.

[Daily Mail] Trump’s skin tone rule is an ‘anti-skin care rule’ [Daily Mirror] Beauty rules don-t help anyone’s skin: study finds they ‘make skin look worse’ [The Daily Telegraph] Skin care rules ‘make people look worse’, study finds [Daily Telegraph]


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