Korean women get ready for a baby in a few weeks

Oly skin care has been the darling of Korean beauty products, and now, it is looking to grow its sales beyond its roots in the country.

In just a few months, Oly’s sister company, Komeita, will launch a new line of cosmetics, all of which will be organic and non-toxic.

In a move that will be seen as a significant coup for the cosmetics industry, Komera is partnering with Oly to launch a line of natural, non-comedogenic, and organic skin care that will not only be affordable but will also offer a safe alternative to the traditional ingredients. 

“Komera’s Oly brand will offer a healthy alternative to products containing ingredients like benzoyl peroxide and hydrogenated oils,” said the company’s president, Lee Woo-yeong.

“This line will also be suitable for people who want to try new skin care methods but are unable to use traditional brands.” 

The new line, called “Oly Skin Care” is a new, natural, and noncomedogenic skin care line from Oly. 

Komeras new line is based on a formula made from Oily skin care ingredients, including aloe vera, oatmeal, and rice. 

A new line will be launched by Komeras sister company Komeitai next month, and the brand will focus on skin care for women ages 18 and up. 

The Komeratae line, with a similar focus on beauty products that can be purchased in Korea, will be the first to offer natural skin care options, with the company saying that “many women in the market have experienced skin problems with the chemical ingredients in cosmetic products.” 

“I think it is important to emphasize that we are aiming for a holistic approach to the skin care product, and we are not concerned with cosmetic ingredients,” said Lee.

“It is important for us to be able to provide a safe product for people of all ages.” 

According to Lee, the new line includes a variety of products that are formulated with organic ingredients, like oatmeal. 

Oly said that it is working on expanding the line to include more products that it believes will provide a more diverse and effective product line. 

If you are looking for more Komeracal skin care in Korea check out our previous post on Komerasia. 

You can also get your Komerasea Beauty products in the Korean  beauty section of Komeita.


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