Japanese cosmetics company has ‘clean skin’ line, but faces criticism

Natural skin care is all about the face, and Japanese cosmetics giant Shiseido has created a range of products to help make your skin more radiant.

However, it faces criticism from some people who feel that the product range doesn’t offer enough product for a cleaner look.

The beauty products range includes a range called ‘alpha skin’ and a ‘skin care capsule’, which are both skin care capsules that claim to contain a blend of the ingredients of skin care creams and skin care ingredients, but which many people find to be too light and too watery.

The products were launched in February this year and are available from Shiseidos online shop, but some are not available on its own website.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Shiseida president Takashi Yoshino told Bloomberg that the company was working on the ‘cleanse’ and ‘skin-care’ products, but added that there was no reason to worry.

“We don’t think that a skin-care capsule is really necessary for us.

We are focused on what we call ‘clean’ and we are working hard to make products that are ‘clean’.

We have been trying to create the best products for people, and we feel that we have created the best quality products,” he said.

The Japanese cosmetics industry is expected to grow to about $3.7bn this year from $2.6bn in 2016, according to data from the Japanese consumer group Nikkei Securities.

Shiseidanomics ‘cleanness’ The ‘cleanliness’ brand launched in April this year, but its ingredients are not clear.

It claims that it contains a blend and ingredient list, but this information has not been made available online, nor is it known if it contains the same ingredients found in most skin care cream, mask, and moisturiser products. 

“This is a product which has been developed by a small company which is not well-known in the cosmetics industry,” Yoshino said.

“The quality of the products is still very poor, so we hope people will be able to get a more accurate evaluation of the product and we can make some corrections in the future.” 

According to Yoshino, Shis will also offer ‘cleaner’ products that offer a mix of the active ingredients of the skin care capsule.

He told Bloomberg: “We are trying to make more clean products that people can apply without makeup.” 

The company says the ‘Alpha Skin’ line will include eight products: A ‘Skin Care’ capsule (a gel-like formula that contains 3% of a brand’s ingredients, a formulation which has the most active ingredients, including salicylic acid, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin E) A Skin Care capsule with 2% of the ingredient list A Skin Care capsule with 1% of its ingredient list. 

A Skin Care product (a product containing 1% of ingredients found in the ingredients listed on the product’s label, such as salicyric acid, hydroxy acid, alpha hydroxy acid, aloe vera, and glycerin) This will come in three sizes: a ‘Skin care capsule’ for women with oily, dehydrated, dry skin, and a Skin care product for people with dry, oily skin, who need the least amount of product Shiseidons ‘Cleanness’ product is the most expensive, at $99.

The company claims that the ‘Clean Skin’ product contains 5% alpha hydroxy acids (the ingredient that makes up the skin’s skin barrier) and 10% hydroxyl salicylc-a-amino acid (which acts as a moisturiser and moisturising agent).

“We think it is important to be able use our products with skin that has an active ingredient,” Yoshinobu said.

“The products will also be available in a different colour, but the products will be available with a different look,” he added.

Shiseido is also selling a range for women who want to “cleanse” their skin.

It offers three different products: A Cleanse product with 3% of ingredient list and 2%  of the Ingredients list  (this is a gel-based cleanser, which is the equivalent of a face wash) a Cleanse and Embrace product with 1.5% of ingredient list


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