How to find a dermatologist in India

Experts in dermatology say India is among the fastest growing countries for doctors and surgeons, with about 15,000 dermatologists across the country.

In India, a growing number of doctors and dermatologists have been coming out of private practice, as a result of the recent reforms and the availability of private clinics.

The dermatologist industry is growing at a rapid pace, said Dr Rakesh Agrawal, a senior research fellow at the National Institute of Health Sciences, India.

“The trend is the dermatologists are coming from private practice as there are no government regulations.

They are finding private practice is the best choice as it offers lower fees and benefits.

They have to go through rigorous procedures, which are not easy in private practice,” Dr Agrawam said.

“They have to have a lot of training, which is much lower than in government practices,” he added.

Dr Agrawa said there were now a total of 1,400 dermatologists in India.

“Private practice is definitely the way forward.

We need to work together and look at other avenues,” he said.

The shortage of doctors in IndiaAs India’s medical establishment faces a shortage of specialists, there are a number of dermatologists working in private clinics that have not been able to attract qualified candidates.

The shortage of dermatology specialists has been reported by several news organisations including The Indian Express and The Times of India.

India’s private clinics have been reported to offer the best in dermatological services, said Mr Kunal Das, CEO of Dr Arun Sharma Clinic, which has two private clinics in Bangalore.

He said the private clinics offer the highest quality services to patients, but do not have the facilities for training doctors.

“Private clinics are the best option, as they have the best equipment and training facilities.

They offer good services to the general public.

The demand is there, but the supply is not as high as in private facilities,” Mr Das said.

Dr Aruns Sharma Clinic has a total patient base of about 1,500, and has received about Rs 1,600 crore in funding since it opened in July 2014.

Dr Das said the demand for dermatologists is very high in India, and the private clinic sector is the only one in the country that is ready to fill the needs.

The country has the highest number of private dermatologists, with an estimated 50,000 in the state of Maharashtra alone.

Dr Das said that the shortage in dermatologists could have a negative impact on the economy.

“When we are trying to make India a modern and healthy country, we have to find the best doctors.

We have to look at the private practice sector to fill our needs.

The private clinics are not the solution, but they are certainly a good alternative,” he concluded.


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