Philosophy skin care lines up with ‘feminine’ products

Philosophy skin and hair care lines are all the rage now, with a host of new skin care products hitting the market.

These range from ‘skin-care line of the day’ products to premium skin care brands, which are all aimed at female shoppers.

Some of these have even been launched with the help of feminist icon Simone de Beauvoir, who is now known for her work as a suffragette.

But with the recent launch of the new ‘feminist’ line of products, the line is now also targeting the men’s market, and the latest line from the brand, ‘Feminine Cosmetics’, has come out of nowhere to be a hit.

The Cosmetics collection of ‘Femme Cosmetics’ is a collection of women’s products.

It includes a range of products aimed at the feminine, which is a concept that originated with the early 20th century when women were first seen wearing dresses and hats to work, and have since become more fashionable with the emergence of the internet.

These products range from natural and ‘feministic’ products like ‘The Goddess’ which is made from coconut oil, and ‘Lavender’ which has a coconut scent.

Cosmetics line of ‘feminism’ Cosmetics is a new line that is aimed at women, and it’s been created by a team of women including a former fashion model.

The brand is aiming to create products that reflect the ‘femininity’ of the brand by using natural ingredients, including coconut oil and the fragrance of lavender, and is also using natural colours.

The cosmetics line is named after the Goddess, the Goddess of Beauty.

It features natural and feministic beauty products, which includes ‘FEMME Cosmetics’. 

Femmes Cosmetics website (pictured above) Feminist Cosmetics: The Cosmetic Line by Cosmetics’ FEMme Cosmies Cosmies are a new brand, created by two women, who were inspired by a time when women’s rights activists were protesting against what they felt was a sexist and oppressive workplace culture.

They aim to create cosmetics that reflect a ‘feminess’ in their cosmetics and to create a line of high-quality products that will not only make their clients feel confident, but also inspire a new generation of women to be empowered in their lives.

Cosmie is also the brand’s first foray into the men´s market, launching the line of Fomila Cosmetics (the same name as Cosmetics founder, Dante Porter) in April 2018.

The company has two distinct lines: Fomo is a line that consists of natural and feministic products that have been created with coconut oil; Fomi is a range that features feminist beauty products that are meant to empower women; Cosmo is a beauty line which includes natural, feministic and vegan products that offer women’s style, comfort and inspiration. 

Cosmos is a luxury line which features natural beauty products which are designed to give women a personalised, comfortable and luxurious experience.

Cosmo is currently available in two colours, Black and Black/White.

Cosmos is a new luxury line from Cosmice. 

Foms new line Cosmouses new line is a ‘line of cosmetics’, designed to reflect the femininity of the Cosmique brand.

The line consists of ‘Cosmoseluxe’ (pictured above), which is an all natural beauty serum and Fomex (which is a facial moisturiser and moisturiser for men) which is formulated with coconut oil. 

“The Cosmosels new line of cosmetics, the Cosmas newest line of facial moisturisers and the Cosmo brand of a range of personalised and luxurious cosmetics, have been crafted to reflect Cosmixes own brand’s femininity and femininity inspired vision,” Cosmas President, Dr. Simone De Beauvoisier said.

“Fomilies brand is dedicated to creating the best products in women’s beauty, and this line is no exception.

We believe Cosmics approach to personalised beauty products is not only the right approach, it is the best way to achieve this vision. 

We are so proud to share this beautiful vision with women across the world, with our Cosmas brand and Cosmos newest range, which will be a step forward for women worldwide.” 

Fommi is a cosmetic line that features natural and gender-neutral products, and includes Coconut Oil, Rosewood, Saffron and Lavender to help femme women feel confident, while FOMi is designed for men and women. 

Gentlemen Cosmetics are the first men´wear brand in the world to offer a line featuring


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