Italy’s Monat skin Care: ‘The best in Italy’

Monat is one of Italy’s most famous brands, having made its name with its skin care products.

The company’s range of creams and serums, including the Monat Cera Credo and Monat Cosme, is considered one of the most sophisticated in the world. 

The products, made of a proprietary blend of plant extracts and herbs, are marketed as ‘natural’ but with an extra dose of antioxidants to boost the skin’s natural defences against free radicals. 

According to the company, the Monats Cera Cosme is the most effective anti-inflammatory cream in Europe. 

Monat Cosmétic is also the most popular skin care brand in Italy, but they are far from the only ones to have their products marketed as eco-friendly. 

La Mer is a brand which claims to have the best skin care for the most affordable price. 

 The brand has been operating since 2012 in Italy and was also recently acquired by a major Italian cosmetics company. 

They are a large brand in Europe with over 500 stores and around 250,000 customers in the country. 

“We are proud of our products which are eco- and organic and are manufactured in Italy,” says Stefano Palazzoni, CEO of La Mer. 

It’s important to understand that La Mer products are not only for people with eczema or eczymatic disorders but are also suitable for all skin types, from oily to dry. 

These products are made in small batches, in a sustainable way, with the exception of the cream which is made in China and is only available to La Mer’s clients. 

In terms of skin care La Mer also makes a range of products for people who don’t have a natural skin care. 

This includes a range for the elderly, a range made for women with oily skin and the La Mer Cosme Cream, which is used to help with acne scars. 

As well as the Monatos Cera Cream and Monatos Cosme Serum, La Mer has also developed products for oily skin, acne, and eczematic conditions. 

But it is the Monatin Serum which is the biggest seller in Italy. 

Matin is the brand name for Monat’s Cera Serum. 

Although Monat does not sell it directly to the public, they offer it as an alternative to other skincare products, which include La Mer Serum and La Mer Cream. 

What’s more, the products have been used to treat eczemic conditions in Italy for years, as well as for the treatment of conditions like eczemia. 

Many consumers, however, are sceptical about the products being made in such a safe way and many people are concerned about the impact of the products on the environment. 

One of the main reasons why there are concerns about the use of products like Monat products in Italy is because of the ingredients in the products. 

To start with, the majority of ingredients in Monat-made products are derived from animals. 

Furthermore, many ingredients used in the Monati Serum are synthetic, which can lead to allergies, sensitisation and possibly other problems. 

Even though the products are natural, they are not vegan and contain animal products.

According to La Cucina Cosmetics, the use and disposal of Monat product has been banned in Italy since 2013 and Monatin Cosmetics has also received a ban since 2013. 

If you want to find out more about Monat and La Cuccina Cosmée, click here. 

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