How to get a better skin tone in Japan 2020

Japanese skin care brands have been praised for improving their skin care with more natural ingredients, according to a BBC report. 

They include the J-Beauty brand, which is the largest seller of face, neck and face mask products in Japan. 

But they have also been criticised for using synthetic ingredients and not adequately washing their products. 

The BBC report says there have been complaints of chemical and physical reactions with products after being used. 

“It is the first time I’ve seen it in Japan,” said Yui Nakamura, an otolaryngologist at Tokyo’s National University Hospital, who has studied the use of chemical cleaning agents.

“There are lots of reports of chemical reaction with products.

There are people who have experienced skin irritation after using a chemical cleaning agent. 

It’s not good.” 

She added: “People are used to products that are very gentle and that don’t break their skin. 

I have seen people get allergic reactions to chemical cleaning products.” “

The problem is that the products are not washed properly, so they can cause irritation. 

I have seen people get allergic reactions to chemical cleaning products.” 

The products, which are sold by Japanese cosmetic companies such as Cosdna, are manufactured from vegetable oil, soybean oil, coconut oil and palm oil, and they have the ingredients to be harmful to the skin, the BBC report said. 

Some of the products have also come under fire for not using soap properly and leaving products exposed to the sun. 

Korean cosmetics company JooHyun Park, which has also been criticized for using chemical cleaning, said it was a global trend and was in fact using more natural products, but added that its products were more sensitive to washing. 

Its products include 카제분범바, which is a soap containing soap-like ingredients. 

There is also the 파회적횔나리자지탁방터, which uses a natural skin oil and is made with coconut oil, palm oil and soybean oils. 

JooHyung Park said the ingredients were made with natural ingredients that are less toxic to skin, and that its cleansers were suitable for all skin types. 

While it does not have a face mask for children, the company says its 스타토릴클내친보현탈직털버에라습니다 (입신를 제간름혁) and 수도티로전록트슕서워데날 (젘띘메저업었으롌) are formulated with non-toxic ingredients that have been shown to help protect against UV damage, as well as skin care for both adults and children. 

‘A new trend’ The Japanese cosmetics industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world, according a survey by cosmetics industry research company J.K.H.J.K., which said sales of Japanese cosmetics and fragrance products increased by 20% between 2010 and 2020. 

In the United States, the number of cosmetics and fragrances sold in 2016 rose from $3.4 billion to $7.7 billion, according to the American Institute of Standards and Technology. 

A major factor in the industry’s rapid growth has been a rapid increase in the number of new brands opening up to the market, said Dr Yuzu Fujimoto, director of the Japanese cosmetics research company Kanichimas in a statement. 

She said there was also a rise in the use and number of Japanese-made products being marketed overseas, adding that a large number of Asian consumers were looking for a cheaper option. 

With more people moving to urban areas, Japanese brands are becoming more popular with younger customers, said Fujimoto. 

However, she warned that it is a new trend and there is still a lot of growth ahead for the cosmetics industry. 

More from BBC Asian Pacific Business:


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